A heartfelt project... upside down.

Artistic craft and an off-beat sense of humour are the watchwords for this collection which is intended to be free and unique in the oftentimes very traditional world of jewelry.

You, too, are free to interpret the symbolism of these objects according to your own personal history – this allows whoever wears it to face everyday life with strength, levity and most importantly a dash of humour.

As Mademoiselle O likes to say, it is like a metaphore of the challenges that we all face, each and every one of us, on a daily basis. So, according to the expression « if we had the balls, we’d do this or that… » … why not you?

… « we are all unique, yet we are all the same. In the nude, we are at the mercy of our flaws and inhibitions, but we are above all else human beings, it is very basic and important! »

Mademoiselle O donates a portion of the profits from the nu.e.s sales to the Swiss Cancer League.