Necklace «Le Robert»

The jewellery collection nu.e.s by Mademoiselle O challenges us. At first glance, we question ourselves, have we seen it correctly? Are our eyes deceiving us or have we somehow misinterpreted these shapes with curves which are strangely familiar… Then, it becomes all too obvious that the jewels do indeed depict the body part which had initially leapt to mind: a pair of “family jewels”, testicles or “valseuses” as they are known in French, meaning “waltz dancers”, quite literally!!

Every piece of jewellery is handmade, one by one, in the tradition of fine craftsmanship in our workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds. It is for this reason that the manufacturing time is approximately: 15 days (for un-set pieces) and 30 days (for pieces set with stones). Wethank you for your understanding.


Le «Robert», un sein, symbole bienveillant et hommage à la féminité par ses courbes fines et élégantes. Ce bijou permet à celles (et ceux) qui l’arborent d’affronter le quotidien avec force, légèreté et surtout avec un brin d’humour.

Additional information

Pendant size

2.8×1.4 cm


Argent 925

Chain length

42 cm


2.00 mm


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