Necklace "Valseuses Mini"

The line of jewellery nu.e.s by Mademoiselle O. intrigues us. At first glance, we muse, and wonder if our eyes are deceiving us or if we have misinterpreted these shapes which are strangely familiar… Then, all too clearly, it is indeed that part of the body to which our mind had first leapt: a pair of Family jewels, or Valseuses, as they are referred to in French!


Every piece of jewellery is handmade, one by one, in the tradition of fine craftsmanship in our workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds. It is for this reason that the manufacturing time is approximately: 15 days (for un-set pieces) and 30 days (for pieces set with stones). Wethank you for your understanding.


The well named Valseuses, or “family jewels”, is a funny and quirky homage to male anatomy and to human beings in general. This piece of jewellery appears like a veritable metaphor of the challenges that we all face on a daily basis. In fact, the famous expression which puts forth the hypothesis that if we had (b-lls), then we would do this or that, takes on its full meaning…! What could be more fun than to “wear a pair” of… Family jewels around our necks, which we had been previously lacking? This jewel allows all those who wear it to face their daily challenges with force, grace and most importantly a sense of humour.

Additional information

Pendant size

2.5×1.5 cm


Silver 925, Silver 925 matte Black, Pink gold 5N 750, Pale yellow gold 2N750, White gold 750, White gold 750 “Pavé” setting

Chain length

60 cm


2.00 mm


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